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Voor Emmy

Zijn het pluimen of bladeren
die ontsnappen uit je binnenste hartkamer
of is het de gloed van de kleur van kloppend bloed
hunkerend naar de stilte van rimpelloos

Als haar handen vloeibaar worden
krijgt de piano vleugels op het doek
Een boom verbijt haar vergezicht
In de diepte luisteren wortels verrukt
naar de zachte braille van haar bestaan
Tuinen hangen van de wolken
omlaag, omhoog groeien vreemde bloemen
uit een ingebeelde notenbalk.

Guido Vermeulen
14 november 2011

Muziek bij de video: Claude Debussy

donderdag 17 april 2014

The crystal prism, poems 2008-2012

New book edition
Publisher:Giant Steps Press Freeport, NY
114 pages

Proof copy mailed by David Stone to Guido Vermeulen

Poems end line art sketches by David Stone
Introduction by Michael S Begnal
Book and cover design by Norman Ball
Collages and paintings by Guido Vermeulen

Give and give out

by courtesy of Marymark press, USA

Ungodly seeds

by courtesy of Marymark press, USA

4 poems

by courtesy of Marymark press, USA


by courtesy of Marymark press, USA


by courtesy of Marymark press, USA

To where?

by courtesy of Marymark press, USA

dinsdag 15 april 2014

maandag 14 april 2014



                absinthe the night I
            stabbed him in the hand

        the shrub wormwood
              that green essence men love
             almost as much as
               they love death

        the first time I drank it
               pink yolks drifting
             in a spongy haze

                droplets shaken
        from a drenched wall

            two years later his bullet
              tore through my palm

(c) ERIC BASSO, USA,     April 13, 2014 

dinsdag 1 april 2014

scattered bodies

by courtesy of MaryMark Press

Televised revolution

by courtesy of MaryMark Press


by courtesy of MaryMark Press

A sonnet

by courtesy of MaryMark Press

Heat Wave

by courtesy of MaryMark Press

Creasing Door

by courtesy of MaryMark Press

6 Poems

From Mark Sonnenfeld, MaryMark Press, USA

Your temple, your cyst

maandag 31 maart 2014

Black moons white moons

                        BLACK MOON

              black moons white moons
        long ago in a place far away
            I watched them chase one another
                through the skeletal trees

              the porthole of my cabin shatters
               planks quake beneath me

        a black moon floats in
          hovers above my eyes
            for hours

29 March 2014

Sligo Blues

SLIGO BLUES POEM by Guido Vermeulen, March 2014

This is the cave where Yeats slept
explained the Sligo guide to us.

Did he sleep in a cage?
someone from the tour group asked.

Maybe his house was one,
you decide that after our visit.

I smiled about the misunderstanding,
even small communication is difficult,
poems however are personal and universal
enigmas at the same time.

What are you thinking about?
The young son of the guide could read my old face.

What your father meant was that Yeats
slept and dreamed in these caves,
in the beauty of these mountains, in the green valleys,
in the nearby clouds, so near they touch our heads,
in the golden sunlight and the silvery moon one,
in the hearts of the people who have the privilege of living here,
in the soul of every one who reads him or has read him.

You really must love Mister Yeats?
Love dies naturally, I replied.
But the dreams of the dead are made of
spoken, written and abandoned poems.

Mallarmé said that poets do not finish poems,
they only abandom them.
I add to that: it is a bit like the dead, they only abandon life.

Mister Yeats did that too, that’s why we are here today.


donderdag 6 maart 2014

maandag 3 maart 2014

Strait 2

Opening lines from a new poem by David Stone
The Strait poems are the continuation of the Avenues cycle
Book edition in preparation

maandag 10 februari 2014

Dear Andy

Norma Jean Baker Soup
by Guido Vermeulen

Horror Soup

by Borderline Grafix, USA
& Guido Vermeulen, Belgium

Mailed to Moan Lisa, USA
for the project Fake Andy Warhol art

dinsdag 7 januari 2014

Chasing the elusive, memoir, fiction and poetry

Splendid book production with writings of 7 femail authors

I reproduce here the 3 poems in this book from Elizabeth Zois whi is a dear friend and active the mail art network

Where is the exit sign at the Biograph cinema?

Based on the poem THE STRAIT by David Stone